The 15 minute challenge


In this tutorial we will cover every step in the Proof video, that shows how fast you can build a network of sites with Autofill Magic. This will serve as an example of a good workflow and will get you up and running with Autofill Magic in no time.

When you go through the tutorial you can see the time codes (e.g. 00:54) for the part of the video where the relevant step starts. This way you can easily watch how the step is done before you do it yourself.

The proof video

This is the flow and the steps that you will learn in this tutorial.


Before you start the tutorial there is something that you should be aware of. Sosblogs has stopped accepting GMX emails, so please use a different email provider. is a good choice.

1: Prepare a profile (0:20)

The first thing that we need to do is to prepare a profile. This includes creating an email address and adding it to the profile.

Initial setup (00:20)

  1. Click the Autofill Magic options button in the toolbar
  2. In the profile window chose the profile My first five sites
  3. Then click on Populate profile to auto generate some user data. Then click Save and close populate profile button

Creating an email (0:27)

  1. Now navigate to the Autofill Magic Site list. Then type gmx in the search field to find that provides a free email address. You do not have to use as your email provider, but in this tutorial we will.
  2. Now click on the link to the gmx signup page. GMX signup link
  3. Autofill and submit the login form at the GMX signup page. enter image description here Note that you will have to solve the captcha image manually if no captcha solving service is enabled. More on captchas here.
  4. After the form is submitted an email address is created. Copy the created email address to your clipboard. Copy email

Adding the email to the profile (0:54)

  1. Now open the Autofill Magic options window by clicking the options button in the toolbar. Then paste the email address into the email field. paste email
  2. Now click the "Email verification" option in the main menu.
  3. Then click the Manage accounts tab > Add account > Save account. enter image description here
  4. Finally click on Save and close.

Disable email spam filter

This is a recommended extra step that is not a part of the video. Some email providers will wrongly filter out the verification emails from some of the sites in the Autofill Magic collection as spam. When an email is in the spam folder Autofill Magic cannot receive and verify the email. To avoid this all you need to do is to disable the spam filter for your email account. Here is how:

  1. Go back to and log in to your account. You can auto-login by clicking the auto-login link in the site note.
  2. When logged in click on Email settings in the bottom left corner. Email settings link
  3. Then click on Mail security Mail security
  4. Now uncheck the option Activate spam protection. uncheck spam protection
  5. Don't forget to click Save to save your changes. Click save

That's it. You are now certain to receive all emails.

2: Sign up for accounts (1:20)

  1. Navigate to the site list by clicking the link in the toolbar. link to site list
  2. Select the custom preset 'My first five sites'. My first fine sites
  3. Chose "Go to signup page" from the bulk actions menu and wait for the pages to load. Bulk actions
  4. When all sites have loaded choose "Fill forms in all tabs". Now Autofill Magic will start to fill the forms. enter image description here As long as the spinner spinner is going, Autofill Magic is working.
  5. Now navigate through all five tabs and complete all steps to sign up. The steps are different for each site but you can use Autofill Magic to fill in the forms and solve captchas. Just click the Autofill button in the toolbar. Autofill Magic button

3: Verifying emails/accounts (3:35)

  1. Navigate back to the site list. Then right-click on the tab and chose "Close other tabs". This is just to clean up open tabs. close other tabs
  2. Click the verify email button and notice that the account status is updated when a verification link is found and clicked (allow a few minutes to pass in order for the mails to arrive). enter image description here You can also see the account status change (from gray to green) in the site list.

4: Auto-login (4:01)

  1. Before we auto-login to the sites we need to make sure that we are logged out. To log out from all accounts click the logout button in the toolbar logout button. This button clears all cache, cookies, flash cookies and local storage. This will make sure that you are logged out and that there are no traces from other logins.
  2. Now we are ready to auto-login to the sites. Chose Auto-login from the Bulk actions menu and wait for all sites to load. bulk actions auto-login

5: Posting (4:35)

A note to this step: The profile My first five sites already has a dummy article loaded, so you can post right away. If you want to use your own article you can just exchange your own article for the dummy one.

You can find all the article details under Profiles > Web2.0/Articles Web2.0/Articles

If you want to be even more advanced you can create a project folder and add your article there - See more here. But if you just want to continue the 15 minute challenge, then use the dummy article.

Here are the steps to post the article

  1. Go the first tab in one of the sites. Make sure that you can see the site note to the left. If you do not see note then enable site notes by clicking this button in the toolbar enable notes button.
  2. Now pay attention to this instruction. Press SHIFT + Left-click on the posting quick menu link in the note. By pressing shift you apply this action to all open tabs. Wait for all posting pages to load. posing link
  3. Now choose "Fill forms in all tabs" and wait for Autofill Magic to complete the form filling. fill forms in all tabs
  4. Now go to each tab and submit the forms to post the articles.

6: Collecting the links (5:43)

  1. The URL structure can be different when you are logged into a site, so before we start to collect the links to the created articles we are going to log out from all the sites. This ensures that all the links we collect are live and public. To log out click the logout button in the toolbar logout button.
  2. Then navigate to all the blog home pages by pressing SHIFT + left-click on the homepage quick menu link in the note. Wait for the pages to load.
    Home page link
  3. Now go through each tab and navigate to the article you just posted.
  4. When you have all the articles opened in separate tabs you click on Collect links from all tabs from the link menu in the toolbar. Collect links from all tabs
  5. That's it, all the links are now saved. You can see how to find and edit your links in the chapter Collecting links in the manual.

7: Generating a final report (6:37)

  1. Go back to the site list and choose the column preset "Generate report". preset Generate report Now you should see a nice list including the collected links.
  2. You can export the report in CSV format to either a file or a popup. In the video we chose a popup because it is super fast to just copy everything and paste it in to a Google spreadsheet. To export open the export options > chose popup and tab for delimiter > then click Export CSV. Export settings
  3. Click somewhere in the popup that opens and press CTRL+A to select everything and then CTRL+C to copy everything.
  4. Next open an empty Google Spreadsheet and paste in the report values.
  5. To adjust the column width you can select all columns and double-click on one of the separating lines (see the video).

That's it! You have now built a small network. To make it bigger and more powerful all you need to do is to create more accounts at other sites and post more content.

Good luck with your rankings.