How to sync Autofill Magic between several computers

By default Autofill Magic stores all your profiles, projects and other data locally on the hard drive where Autofill Magic and Firefox is installed. This is great when you are concerned about security and want to be completely sure that no one else can access your Autofill Magic data.

However, many users have requested a way to sync data in the cloud, so you can have access to your profiles and projects from any computer where Autofill Magic is installed.

Luckily it is not hard at all to sync Autofill Magic data between several computers. This guide will show you how you can use popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to keep all your Autofill Magic data in sync.

Step 1: Sign up for cloud storage service.

Maybe you already have an account with Google Drive, Dropbox or another cloud service. Then you can skip this step. If not you will need to sign up at one of these services. They all work more or less the same way, but in this guide we will use Dropbox.

First head to, then sign up for an account and download the desktop app. Now install Dropbox on your computer.

When Dropbox is installed you will see a new folder in your file system called Dropbox.

dropbox folder

Anything you place in this folder will be synced to your Dropbox storage in the cloud.

If you install Dropbox on another computer and and login to your account, you will have access to all the files in the Dropbox folder.

So in short you need to install Dropbox on all the computers where you want Autofill Magic to be in sync.

In the next step we will install Firefox and Autofill Magic in the Dropbox folder so we can access it from all the computers where we have installed dropbox.

Step 2: Install a Portable version of Firefox.

In order for to run Firefox from the Dropbox folder, we need to use a portable version of Firefox. It is exactly the same as the standard version. The only difference is that it stores all the Firefox files in one single folder and do not rely on any files outside this folder.

You can move this folder to another computer or to a USB stick and the portable Firefox will run without any installation.

What we will do is to move the folder with the portable Firefox to our Dropbox folder, so it is synced to the cloud. When this is done we can access and run the portable version of Firefox on any computer where Dropbox is installed.

To get the porable version of Firefox go here.

Then download the installation file and run it. All the the 'installation' does is to create a folder with the portable Firefox inside.

When asked where to install the portable Firefox choose your Dropbox folder. If you miss this step you can also move it after the folder is created.

Now you should have a folder in your Dropbox like this:

dropbox folder

To run Firefox just double click the FirefoxPortable.exe file.

When Firefox is running you can install Autofill Magic. Autofill Magic and all data will be synced too.

Now you have a portable version of Firefox with Autofill Magic installed that will be in sync on all computers where you have Dropbox installed.

To run it from any of your computers just head to the Dropbox folder on that computer and run the portable Firefox.

Some Important things to be aware of.

Syncing the files between you computers takes a little time.

When you start up your computer you should allow Dropbox to sync all files before you run the portable Firefox.

You can see that sync is complete by the green check mark on both the files and the Dropbox status bar icon.

If it looks like this Dropbox is still syncing the files.

status bar

But when it looks like this you are good to go.

status bar all good

Another ting that could cause issues is if you open the same portable Firefox on several computers at the same time. So make sure that you only run one instance at a time.

Moving from standard Firefox to the portable Firefox

If you are already using Autofill Magic on the standard none-portabel Firefox and want to move to a portabel version, then you can easily do so. Just do a full backup of your data and then import that backup on the portable Firefox. When the import is done you will have access to all your profiles and projects.

See how to export and import backups here