Block Spinning Introduction

A New and Better way to write content

Block spinning is a new way of spinning content that is far superior to ordinary spintax. It is unlike any other spinning technique and once you get the hang of it, you will most likely never write an article in old fashioned spintax again. It is just that good!


In short, block spinning is a new content writing technique. This new and powerful approach to content writing can provide content that is extremely unique, perfectly readable and is much easier to edit and maintain than traditional spintax. Add that block spinning will pass both Copyscape and any human review and it should be clear why this technique is perfect for anyone who needs lots of content that indexes well and stays free of penalties. Does this sound to good to be true? Well, you better believe it because block spinning is all this and more!

Why We Need a New Approach to Writing and Spinning Content?

Well, with the recent Google updates, unique content that reads well has become increasingly important. The IM now needs content that can pass both a human review and a Copyscape check. This can be very hard to achieve with traditional spintax. Anyone who has tried to edit spintax knows how tedious it is. Even with spinning software to assist you, it can be tricky and very time consuming to produce error-free spintax that will read correctly to a human reader.

As a consequence, many have turned there backs on spun content. Either to avoid duplicate content penalties from Search Engines or to avoid that their spun articles are removed due to the poor readability of the gibberish that traditional spintax often produces. Original content is great, but the money or time you need to invest to get all the original articles you need is immense. So when you turn your back on spun content, you are faced with a new problem. Original content is expensive to buy and very time consuming to produce it yourself.

Neither of the two existing options for content is very compelling. You can either get cheap spun content that will have a hard time passing a human review or you can have expensive original content that will empty your pockets. None of these options are good when you need hundreds or even thousands of articles for a serious SEO campaign.

Block spinning is a new and third option that does not have any of the disadvantages of the other two. We at the Autofill Magic team created block spinning to provide an affordable way to get all the unique content you need. Block spinning will not empty your pockets and yet it will provide you with content that can be used over and over without any penalties.

Where do you go from here?

We hope that this brief introduction to block spinning has raised your curiosity. To get an idea on how to write and and use block spinning, please see the following tutorial.

Block Spinning step by step