Autofill Magic - the only universal SEO Tool

A completely new software concept! The best of both manual and automated link-building.

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Profile can be auto populated
Article details
Support for DeCaptcha and DBC
Generate bookmarks with 100+ web 2.0 sites
Support for proxies
Advanced email verification

The best of two worlds

Autofill Magic is a revolutionary new software that offers the flexibility and quality of manual link-building and the speed of automated tools, all in one complete package. By automating the most tedious tasks and still giving you 100% control, Autofill Magic will deliver quality and deliver it fast.

Support for 120+ Web 2.0

With Autofill Magic, you can create accounts and submit content to more than 120 web 2.0 sites. No other tool supports that many quality sites. We constantly update and maintain our collection of sites. Fresh sites are continuously added and dead ones are removed.

Support for proxies

Are you handling many accounts for different clients. Then you will need proxies to avoid being banned from some sites. No problem Autofill Magic has proxy support.

Advanced email verification

When you are creating accounts you often need to verify your email address. This can be very time consuming when you are creating many accounts. But Autofill Magic can do that for you. The email verification feature works with any pop3 account.

Universal (works with all sites)

Autofill Magic is unique in that it not only works with the sites that we supply, it is a universal tool that works with almost all websites. Use it with any site you like - Autofill Magic will fill in the forms and fill each form field correctly, at approximately 90% of the time.

Captcha solving

Autofill Magic can solve captchas with the aid of captcha solving services. When you encounter a captcha you can just click the Autofill Magic button and the captcha is solved and filled in.


No tricky configuration

Autofill Magic is extremely easy to use. Unlike other SEO tools, there are no tricky configurations and no time consuming templates to create and maintain. In fact, one of the reasons we created Autofill Magic was because we wanted to spend time building links instead of spending time tweaking software to do it. Even as a newbie, you will be up and running with Autofill Magic in no time.

Build authority backlinks

Autofill Magic makes it easy to create quality Web 2.0 sites. You can add images and video, apply themes, and update your profile with all relevant information. You can add more posts or pages to build authority. In other words, you can get the topmost quality of manual link-building but with a much faster workflow.

Easy account management

Autofill Magic makes it easy to keep track of accounts. It can generate and store unique usernames, emails, and other profile information. Also, the profiles you create can be exported and imported again when needed.

Perfect for Outsourcing and SEO Companies

Autofill Magic is so easy to use that a virtual assistant can be up and running in no time. With the easy-to-understand video tutorials and user-friendly interface, it will be easy to get started and build powerful back links and quality Web 2.0 sites consistently.

Support for none-English sites

Do you need to do SEO for a non-English site? As our collection of supported sites expands, we have been adding sites in Spanish, French, German, and other languages. This is another unique feature of Autofill Magic. Naturally, all sites will benefit from the link juice that these non-English sites provide.

Video tutorials

The Autofill Magic website provides thorough video tutorials. We know that undocumented features are useless. That is why we put great efforts into creating thorough video guides to help you get the most out of Autofill Magic.

More to come

This is just the beginning! We are dedicated to developing Autofill Magic and adding even more features, more sites to the collection, and new platforms. Autofill Magic will only continue to get better.

Free Trial

There is a 7-day free trial where you can evaluate Autofill Magic. If you cancel your subscription during the first 7 days, you will not be charged. We will send you an email when the trial is about to end to remind you to cancel, if you ever decide to do so.

Get results

It is proven many times that building backlinks to web 2.0 sites are very effective. Below is a chart with the ranking changes after posting to only half of the sites in the collection. This works!